Terms and Conditions

Important terms and conditions (officially referred as an ‘Agreement’) are mentioned in this page. The agreement is legally applicable to all the users of MEDENQ. Prior to any kind of participation/subscription, it is mandatory to refer these terms & conditions in detail. The document needs to be clearly read, understood and accepted. In case of any rejection to the terms & conditions, it is advised not to avail any of the facilities that are available in MEDENQ. Registered members (Doctors) and the other users shall not use any kind of the information available in MEDENQ for unlawful or prohibited activities. The content available in the website is the property of Anvita Tours2Health Pvt.Ltd. Therefore, any sort of content misuse like copying through electronic means is illegal (See ‘Content & Intellectual Property Rights’). The membership of both the registered members and the other users shall be terminated with/without notice under the circumstances of any violation of the terms and conditions of this website (MEDENQ). The membership shall also be terminated if one fails to comply with the terms & conditions.

For registered members ( Doctors, Clinics or Hospitals )
  • Only precise, current and complete information is to be provided by the registered members.
  • If the registered member is an individual, it is deemed that the individual has complied with the terms & conditions of MEDENQ website.
  • If the registered member happens to be a company, it is taken for granted that the company has complied with the terms & conditions of MEDENQ.
  • The company should be an entity that is recognized by the Government of India.
  • Third party transfer of vital information such as account details and password is considered to be illegal.
  • Any account that goes against the interest of MEDENQ shall be seized without prior notice.
  • Any kind of unauthorized access or use of the member accounts is considered to be illegal.
  • The leads that are delivered to the agents are for the use of those agents only.
  • The registered members shall not enter into any kind of commercial business of providing enquiries to other similar organizations.
  • The registered members shall not resell, transfer or distribute any sort of entities like leads to any other organizations for commercial purpose.
  • The registered members hereby agree to receive electronic/physical communication from MEDENQ.
The registered members hereby agree & confirm to the above mentioned terms & conditions.

For other registered Users
  • The registered shall not provide any kind of information that is classified as false, inaccurate, defamatory and obscene.
  • The registered users shall not indulge in any sort of activities like hacking, virus infection contaminate the system. (MEDENQ website)
  • In addition, all the conditions that are applicable to registered members also apply for the registered users.
The registered users hereby agree & confirm to the above mentioned terms & conditions.

Transaction between registered members and users.
  • MEDENQ is an online platform for the exchange of lawful information between the registered members and users. MEDENQ does not guarantee any of the services offered by Anvita Tours2health Pvt. Ltd.
  • MEDENQ is not responsible for any sort of dispute between the registered members & users.
Both registered members & users hereby agree to release Anvita Tours2Health Pvt.Ltd from all claims, demands, actions, proceedings, costs, expenses and damages (including without limitation any actual, special, incidental or consequential damages).

Registered members and users are absolutely responsible for all kinds of transactions occurring in this platform (MEDENQ).

Content & Intellectual Property Rights.
All the content of this website (MEDENQ) including but not limited to icons, buttons, logos, text etc, as well as any and all trademarks, whether registered or not, is considered as the intellectual property of Anvita Tours2Health Pvt.Ltd. The protections of these contents are done under the Indian Jurisdiction. Actions like selective download of contents from this website are considered to be illegal irrespective of the underlying purposes.

Any information submitted to this website like comments, feedback etc is the sole property of Anvita Tours2Health Pvt.Ltd. Hence, these information may be used by Anvita Tours2Health Pvt.Ltd for lawful activities.

Limitation of Liability.

Anvita Tours2Health Pvt.Ltd does not guarantee quality of this website and provision of uninterruptable service. The company also does not guarantee that the information provided is this site is reliable and accurate. Anvita Tours2Health Pvt.Ltd is not responsible for any sort of special, consequential, incidental, and exemplary or punitive damages, or loss of profit or revenues.

Anvita Tours2Health Pvt.Ltd is also not responsible for any kind of difficulty in accessing the website.

The company does not take any responsibility for any sort of damage resulting from products, services and/or information offered or provided by third-party vendors accessed through the website or by any other means.

All Products, services and materials in the website relating to merchantability, technical compatibility or fitness for a particular purpose are provided without warranty.

The registered members & users hereby agree to indemnify, defend and protect Anvita Tours2Health Pvt.Ltd, its employees, agents, and any third party information providers to the Website, from and against all claims, actions, proceedings, expenses, damages and liabilities.

Refunds of any kind are NOT provided under any circumstances. Anvita Tours2Health is not responsible for any kind of refund requests and hence these requests are of no legal importance.

Links to other websites and services:
The website does allow the access to other websites through hyperlinks. However, the website does not have any kind of control over the services, products & contents offered by those third party websites. The website does not take any responsibility for issues concerning these outbound links.

Modification & Termination of usage
The website may amend, change or modify the terms of conditions in necessary situations without any prior consent from the registered members and users. The modified terms & conditions shall come into effect from the time of posting. Continuous use of this website thereafter shall be taken as acceptance to the modified terms & conditions.

Account Maintenance Fee:
For maintaining inactive accounts, an amount of 250 credit points shall be deducted for maintenance.

Credit Lapse Policy
If the credits are not used for a stipulated period of 365 days, then these credits shall expire.

Any actions that breach into the security of the website shall not be tolerated. In such cases, appropriate legal actions shall be taken against whosoever concerned.

All the aforesaid terms & conditions shall come under the Indian Jurisdiction and concerned matters shall be dealt with exclusively in District court of Thrissur.

MEDENQ Website does not in any way guarantee conversions or percentage of  conversions

Conversion of leads are subject to efficiency of the hospitals, clinics, doctors, or user in prompt communication, adequate skill sets in treating the condition , cost, facilities offered and existing rates available in the market

Are the credits valid for lifetime?
No. If you do not purchase even a single Patient Lead for consecutive 3 months, Monthly No-Usage Charge will be applicable. This charge will be in the form of deduction of 50 credits from the available credits balance in your account.

Working Example: If you do not purchase any Patient Lead in the months of January,February or March then on 1st April, 50 credits shall be deducted. If you again do not purchase any Buy Lead in the month of April then on May, 50 more credits shall be deducted.

Refund Policy: We do not have a refund policy unless under very special circumstances. This is done only at the whole discretion of the management of “Anvita Tours2Health Pvt Ltd”.Kindly make the choice to use MedEnq adequately and aptly.

Anvita Tours2Health Pvt.Ltd does not take any responsibility of occurrence of errors & irrelevant information. The company also does not guarantee any level of accuracy & adequacy of information that it provides.

For privacy reasons, the company may post mysterious enquiries. Credits utilized for such enquiries shall be however refunded after proper investigation.

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